German Volume Training (GVT)- Fastest ways to Build Muscle Mass

Transforming your body is not easy. However a little effort with a punch of discipline can bring a lot of change and help you in getting what you desire. This summer Strong Core Gym brings you the one-stop transformation mindset workout plan – “The German Volume Training.”

As the name suggests, German Volume training was popularized by National Weightlifting Coach Rolf Feser in the Mid-70s.

Transforming your body needs changes, and so do your workout routines. Thanks to the human body that is smart and adaptive, of change, to almost every specific exercise routine that helps us in hitting a plateau, ultimately checking us in losing weight.

The GVT, also called the 10 sets of 10 squats, is a type of training that involves a higher number of sets and repetitions with shorter resting period in between sets. Bodybuilders across, use this type of training technique to gain strength, increase muscle mass, and shed excess body fat.

3 Major Benefits of GVT Training includes:

German volume training diet plan

The major benefits of German volume of training mentioned below

  1. 3 days of training per week
  2. Minimal Cardio
  3. It helps in breaking the plateau.


 How German volume training works?

Though 3-days a week, working on German Volume Training is not easy and it requires to be followed for at least 4 weeks. German volume training requires a stirred pre-mobility workout. Doing this could help you gain flexibility and reduce the chance of you getting injured. Remember, while training with German volume training, always go for compound movements.


German Volume Training Workout Plan:

German volume training workout plan

The German volume training workout plan days scheduled below:

Day 1: Work on your chest and back muscles. Choose any two compound exercises each of chest and back as a super set and do 10 sets of each with 10 repetitions. For the final round, in isolation movement, choose any two (Each of chest and back) exercises  and do 3 sets of each with 15 repetitions to reach total fatigue.


Day 2: Work on your legs and Glute muscles. Choose similar patterns as of day 1.


Day 3: Work on your shoulders, arms  & Abdomen muscles. Choose similar patterns as of day 1.


[NOTE: The German volume training suggests to keep your rest intervals between every set @ not  more than 90 seconds. However, we suggest to keep your rest interval in between sets at not more than 60 seconds. ]


Workout day 1 (Chest & Back)

1A: – Incline Bench Press (10 sets 10 reps)

1B: – Bent-Over Row (10 SETS 10 REPS)

2A: – Incline Dumbbell Press (3 sets 8 reps)

2B: – Single-Arm Row (3 sets 8 reps)

 Workout day 2  (Legs & Glutes)

1A: – Front Squats(10 Sets, 10 Reps, 90 Second Rest)

1B: – Romanian Deadlift (10 Sets, 10 Reps, 90 Second Rest)

2A: – Walking Lunges (3 Sets, 8 Reps, 30 Sec Rest)

2B: – KettleBell Swing (3 Sets, 8 Reps, 30 Sec Rest)

Workout Day 3 (Shoulder, Arms & Abs)

1: – MIlitary Press or Overhead Press (10 Sets, 10 Reps, 60 Second Rest)

2A: – Bicep Curls (10 Sets, 10 Reps, 60 Second Rest)

2B: – Tricep Pushdown (3 Sets, 8 Reps, 30 Second Rest)

3: – Planks (3 Sets, 30 Seconds Hold, 30 Seconds Rest)

Everybody is different, so will be their workout plans. Want to achieve your desire of having a great body? Contact  Strong Core GYM today and get your personalized workout plans.

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